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Are You the One for Me?: Knowing Who's Right and Avoiding Who's Wrong  by Barbara DeAngelis   Is he/she the one you want?   What are the biggest mistakes singles make when they date? Why do you keep picking people who are emotionally unavailable, have no common interests or are just looking for sex?   This is a must read for anyone who is single and dating or dating exclusively  (and evaluating).    Early on, readers are asked to make lists of past lovers' worst qualities and then to write a want ad for a partner, highlighting the common themes. Readers count off ``the seven wrong reasons to be in a relationship'' (from ``sexual hunger'' to ``emotional or spiritual emptiness''); ``nine fatal flaws to watch out for in a partner'' (addiction, control-freak tendencies, sexual dysfunction); seven compatibility time-bombs, etc. Those unsure of whether to commit may value the elaborate self-test offered here, leading to a numerical assessment of compatibility. Given a tolerance for lists and comfort with an approach that precludes subtlety, readers with histories of unhappy relationships may gain insight from this solid, well-organized advice.  Highly Recommended!

Finding the Love of Your Life  by Neil Clark Warren   What is the Best way to Find the Love of Your Life?  Do opposites attract for a lifetime?  What critical differences and similarities make or break a relationship? What is the most important quality you should look for in a mate? This book will help you choose a marriage partner you can love and live happily with for a lifetime.  Ten proven principles for choosing the right marriage partner, and seven danger signs to look for while dating.  No matter what stage of courtship you are in, whether still looking or think you've found someone, whether you've been married before or not - this clear and reasoned approach will significantly increase your chances of building a happy and enduring bond.     Highly Recommended!

How to Know if Someone is Worth Pursuing in Two Dates or Less  by Neil Clark Warren     He feels a strong attraction to her. She wonders if he could be "the one." In the glamorous haze of early romantic attraction it's hard to know whether a relationship will lead to true love—or to a negative or even catastrophic relationship. This book helps men and women who want healthy and satisfying marriages identify the early warning signs of an unhealthy relationship. Dr. Warren shows readers how to hold out for God's best for their lives instead of settling for the first one to come along and outlines the factors that increase the chances for marital success. For those who want to become wiser in their relationship choices, this practical guide will help them find the love they want and avoid the pain they don't need.

How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You by Leil Lowndes The sensation of falling in love comes from a chemical secreted by the nervous system, phenylethylamine (or PEA, as Lowndes calls it, as in "Scientists tell us only PEA-brained people fall in Love"), and the trick is to trigger the manufacture of PEA in your potential love partner, giving him or her the sensation of being in love.  Much of what the book offers is common sense--the power of eye contact and compliments--but it's presented in a new way and with such detail that it seems that it can't help but work. Here, readers will find 85 techniques based on scientific studies regarding the nature of love. By using these pragmatic, down-to-earth strategies, anyone can turn new or casual relationships into lasting ones--or make current relationships deeper.

10 Foolish Dating Mistakes That Men & Women Commit : And How to Avoid Them by Lila Gruzen, Rebecca Sperber Learn how to improve your dating attitudes and behaviors.Learn what YOU need to change about YOU in order to make your romantic relationships work. "Ten Foolish Dating Mistakes" tells you the most common mistakes in attitude and behavior that turn dating possibilities into disasters. You will learn why you and others make these mistakes, how to catch them before they become disastrous, and what to do to break those patterns. The book has helped many single people understand where they make mistakes, when they are dating a "lemon" and how to start having fun again. Learn how to stop "giving too much too soon" or "focusing too much on looks". Following the techniques and ideas in "Ten Foolish Dating Mistakes" improves the odds of learning how to date, communicate and love in a healthy way. YOU DESERVE IT!
  Intellectual Foreplay : Questions for Lovers and Lovers-To-Be  by Eve Eschner Hogan, Steven Hogan   "What should you ask someone before you get seriously involved?" Intellect- ual Foreplay is designed to spark stimulation and interest through intimate communication. "Like its physical counterpart, [it] can build excitement and desire--or quickly reveal a lack of compatibility, saving you months, or even years, of developing a relationship that isn't going to work," say the authors. It's an interesting concept: questions to ask to determine compatibility or just get to know a lover or potential lover better. The book starts with "Who Are You?" questions covering a myriad of topics, such as self-esteem, values, hobbies, trust, romance, spirituality, health, and time management. Other sections include "Where Did You Come From?" (past, family, friends, education, and intelligence), "Where Are You Going?" (money, work, and future), "Can We Live Together?" (home, household responsibilities, food, bathroom, pets, vehicles, garden), and "Where Are We Going?" (vacations, holidays, children, wedding, and sex). For example, figure out your top 20 "non-negotiable" questions and answer them yourself before asking them of a partner.  Highly Recommended!
Getting Ready for Marriage Workbook: How to Really Get to Know the Person You're Going to Marry

Getting Ready for Marriage Workbook: How to Really Get to Know the Person You're Going to Marry  By Jerry D. Hardin and Dianne C. Sloan This is a good book to help you explore many important questions before getting married (it's also a good book to use after you've gotten married). In fact, it's a fun and helpful book to get to know your partner better in any significant relationship.  Note: There is a bit of a Christian slant to the book, but it is really intended for all couples.  Highly Recommended!


Going the Distance : Finding and Keeping Lifelong Love by David L. Geisinger       Finding a satisfying relationship seems to be a nearly impossible feat for many people. But maintaining that partnership as a lasting and loving union can be even more challenging. Going the Distance offers an innovative and inspiring approach to monogamy, predicted on the idea that long-term, loving partnerships are the most fulfilling, exciting, and growth-promoting relationships in our lives. Whether you are in a new relationship, determining if you should seriously commit to one or married, the information in this book will help you. This book provides invaluable information about how to communicate with your partner, how to resolve differences and how to evaluate your relationship. The chapter regarding criteria for commitment was both eye opening and super. If you don't read this book, you're missing out!

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Mordechai Gottman     Gottman, the director of the Gottman Institute, has found through studying hundreds of couples in his "love lab" that it only takes five minutes for him to predict--with 91 percent accuracy-- which couples will eventually divorce. He shares the four not-so-obvious signs of a troubled relationship that he looks for, using sometimes amusing passages from his sessions with married couples. (One standout is Rory, the pediatrician who didn't know the name of the family dog because he spent so much time at work.)  Gottman debunks many myths about divorce (primary among them that affairs are at the root of most splits). He also reveals surprising facts about couples who stay together. They do engage in screaming matches. And they certainly don't resolve every problem. "Take Allan and Betty," he writes. "When Allan gets annoyed at Betty, he turns on ESPN. When Betty is upset with him, she heads for the mall. Then they regroup and go on as if nothing's happened. Never in forty-five years of marriage have they sat down to have a 'dialogue' about their relationship." While this may sound like a couple in trouble, Gottman found that they pass the love-lab tests and say honestly that "they are both very satisfied with their relationship and they love each other deeply."  Through a series of in-depth quizzes, checklists, and exercises, similar to the ones he uses in his workshops, Gottman provides the framework for coping with differences and strengthening your marriage. His profiles of troubled couples rescued from the brink of divorce (including that of Rory, the out-of-touch doctor) and those of still-happy couples who reinvigorate their relationships are equally enlightening.


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